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Published on June 1, 2004 By 6969jimbo6969 In Blogging
Taking Stock of Walking Sticks and Talking Points

God knows that I’ve primarily used these BLOGGING opportunities to finish a bizarre, multifaceted, and layered collection of essays and stories, lies and assertions, intermixed with a bit of journalism and odd pleas for dialog. I want to make a good living selling words and ideas, not to mention reaching an audience in the billions, and although I haven’t figured out how to navigate any of the sites on which I post, I have created, in just under two months, 120,000 words, more or less, just from my own works. I’ve also commented, occasionally in an extensive fashion, on other people’s BLOGalongs, as well as responded when folks have had something to say about my work.

Thus, though no one has come to offer me contracts, in spite of the fact that no agent is sniffing at my spoor, even though my vast lack of popularity is pretty obvious, I feel a certain sense of satisfaction. I know I can write in any style of English necessary. Like any wordsmith, I have strengths and weaknesses. But I can dumb the matter down and simplify the hardest frown, in addition to penning songs, providing editing help, and generally being a creative font for any aspect of the great God STORY! What I lacked until now, however, was a collection, accessible to anyone, of the words I can spew on command. Here, I have that, and as flawed, weird, and off-the-chain as these forty two postings are, they are not dreadful; they are not stupid; they have moments of bliss and fun and insight.

What now? I’ve got, as I count anyhow---including the “HONEST-TO-GOD-BLOG” bits that I am starting forthwith---eight series going, as well as my random occasional rants. My intention is to continue all of them and expand what I’m up to so that my audio and video and comic-book work, as well as more of my fiction and drama, can also find some sort of sythesis via the magic of the likes of Brad Wardell and others. Ultimately, I envision more of a like-minded community with a similar space in cyberspace, so to speak. But who knows? As that masterful poet, Sir Jackson Browne puts it, “Perhaps a better world is drawing near, Just as easily it could all disappear, Don’t let the uncertainty turn you around!”

A little less than half of the full outpouring of my words shows up here. And I work full time, too. The past little while in my life has been fairly average in terms of energy and intensity, so what has flowed through and from me is sustainable, ‘Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.’ Conservatively, therefore, I know that I can produce a book-draft a month, a big play and several smaller scripts, and several screenplays per year, while I collaborate with multiple teams of others to advance collective efforts involving text and tale. What I create, starting today, will depend as always on what the universe allows. Neither lotto-luck nor trust-fund fortune have ever been mine.

I am not a religious sort of fellow, although I have tics and superstitions aplenty, and I’m what most people would call a ‘spiritual’ man. Diane, a girlfriend who shows up in different incarnations in a couple of my stories, used to laugh that “you’re the most Christian man I know.” This amused her because of my adherence to ‘godless communism’ and my admission of being an agnostic---another way of saying that I recognize I’ll never figure out the mystery, fully and entirely. Out of all this incongruity, in the current moment and for the past year or so, I’ve been fairly regularly entering and exiting my wakeful state with a song of praise on my lips for God, the creator(and for the Goddess who appeals so to me too, of course). My prayers, as directed by Joyce Griggs and others, have centered around beseeching, “Show me how, Lord! Show me the way!”

I don’t have an answer yet. I can’t say for certain that I’m on any sort of divided highway with decent transit to carry me. But here I am, nonetheless. Anyone who wants to participate in creating a foundation for life and love and humanity on the planet now, I could sure use some help. I’m clearly a bit of a loose cannon, but dear God, what else is there to do? I haven’t found a happy home base here in the ‘Land of the free and the Home of the brave.’ I’m still looking though.

I’m searching for something other than the fraud and corruption and blissful ignorance that prevail, at least on the surface of things. I’m here to say that I’m digging deep for a way my children can survive and thrive. I’m here to say that a survival scenario only seems plausible inasmuch as the children of all peoples have something akin to the same opportunities that mine have. I’m here to say that my way is with words, and no other work takes precedence over this monumental calling to do what an old Black woman friend, who is missing her teeth but is still a tigress, blesses as “this Kingdom building work.”

There you have it. Anyone want to play? If you’re waiting on me, you’re backing up. All replies, inquiries, ideas, and suggestions are welcome. I’m as open as the heart of love in the arms of bliss.

Ciao for now,


on Jun 01, 2004
I hear ya bro.
on Jun 05, 2004
Hey JOE!

From one real White Man to...another, right? Thanks, keep me posted, and keep sending stuff down the pipeline. We're the true journalists today; most of the hacks working for the press are hypocrites, cynics, and advertising flacks for capitalist hegemony, pure and simple. At least any one of us can get his own story straight, eh?